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Liquid styler is a styling fluid for all hair. This product is ideal for creating definition and soft, flexible hold with a memory effect. It’s suitable for all hairstyles and hair types and leaves hair full, soft and shiny.

Liquid Styler

  • It contains quinoa proteins to protect hair colour and prevent colour from fading, which increase manageability and give shine to the hair. Liquid Styler also contains Integrity 41, a patented formula that contains sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols, to protect from free radicals and stress factors that can damage the hair. Organic chestnut extract offers heat protection which repairs the hair fibre and prevents dehydration and UV filters protect from UV rays that dehydrate the hair and cause colour fading.

  • We will ship your item for you. Wrapped and packaged to ensure your delivery will make it to you perfectly. 

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